Career changers winning situation 2014 - Wish new conference

Autumn is cool ! Autumn in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen, more exceptionally moving .

10 at the end of the world from more than ten countries and regions as well as in all provinces of the Vespa partners, resellers, delegates gathered Egret Island , Visteon grand cause of setting effort .

At 9:18 on October 30, " sharp change • winning situation 2014 " - Wish Sport 2014 new conference in Xiamen Hongdu Best Western Hotel grand opening . Live guests gathered , packed. Many of the guests arrived spontaneously put Vespa clothing, joyful and harmonious atmosphere overflowing scene.

Global Chinese Badminton Association vice president, Chinese badminton team 's first captain Mr. Lin Jiancheng , world champion, and Xiamen in Fujian Province, badminton badminton team head coach Lin Jiangli , world champion , former Shanghai Visteon head coach Chen Tianlong , Jiangxi badminton team leader Mr. He Tongjun , Huaqiao University Professor Zhuang Zhiyong badminton team head coach , Visteon Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen Cun-yi , Sporting Goods Co., Visteon Visteon vice president and general manager of Sports Industry Co., Ltd. Chen climbing and so on. From Korea, Vietnam, Bangladesh , Taiwan and other countries and regions, as well as from China mainland VIP dealer representative of the various provinces , partners , and Jiangxi Visteon team , Huatai Wei Shi team representatives gathered to compose Vespa splendid .


Conference site

Conference opening, Chen Cun-yi , chairman of welcoming remarks , welcomed the guests from afar . 28 years ago, Wei Shi Chen , chairman , led by Wang Yu sports focused , down to earth , and strictly control the quality of products , and constantly open up the market , has won the reputation of the industry and consumers , allowing Visteon Wang Yu in the international market accounts for non- or missing an important seat . summed up the general manager Chen Pan

2013 Vespa development results and outlook together with the guests of the 2014 brand and corporate planning . 2014 Vespa will be poised to forge and change in a number of areas to break the siege , will create a new more passionate and influential Vespa brand.

Subsequently, Huaqiao University Professor Zhuang Zhiyong badminton team head coach , Jiangxi badminton team leader Mr. He Tongjun , as well as from Zhengzhou Visteon cooperation with partners in over ten years following the sporting goods company director Yu Hua has to share the stage with Wei Guests collaborative effort and experience.

Meeting, Visteon team representatives of the younger generation were right , " Vespa brand 2014 web promotion strategy", " Vespa 2014 new racket , shoes and accessories New " and " Vespa 2014 product ordering policy " for a detailed elaboration and promotion.





Along with passion for music and fashion Xuandong full of light , young, beautiful, handsome, sports models were wearing Vespa 2014 newest shoes onto the T station , a perfect display of the latest shoes Vespa 2014 payment product features and highlights. Meanwhile , the latest racket , sports bags , accessories , etc. are also perfect for designers under the dazzling display by the models . Through on-site demonstration models , so that the presence of dealers Vespa 2014 new season 's products with confidence !



10 30 afternoon , just hand over lunch Vespa dealers all orders will have to wait to come to the scene, carefully study and new features every kind of consulting , selling and price . Product display area and ordering discuss areas crowd milling around everywhere dealer representatives and staff busy. Face Vespa introduced a variety of new fist presence dealers excited , have expressed confidence in the product market , and continue to sign the order .


Appreciation dinner

30 evening, the Vespa Grand Hotel in macro placed under the banquet to thank guests from afar , and 28 years and Visteon walking hand in hand along the partners .

Dinner scene , general manager Chen Pan acknowledgment speech . From Huaqiao University School of Music students and teachers in particular brought a wonderful professional musical performances for the Vespa 's launch fun. Warm atmosphere , many guests tempted excitement , have fun performing on stage . Hangyunliushui romantic interpretation of the notes , the audience embarked on a wonderful musical journey , fantastic . Guests drink and a laugh , interspersed sweepstakes, from time to time to give us a pleasant surprise , the entire banquet hall into a sea of ​​joy. From Korea, Mr. Jiang and Chen , general manager and dealer representatives climbing a chorus

First "friend" to the dinner atmosphere to a climax.


Earthen Journey

31 am, Visteon 's partners laughter , embarked Knot town, visit the world's cultural heritage, national key cultural relics protection units --- Fujian Nanjing Tulou , listening to legends , feel the movie Filming --- Millennium Knot brings us quaint natural feel.


Vespa 2014 new conference, was a complete success ! Guests gathered to force product , policy benefits, orders continue , the number of transactions has doubled over the previous . At the same time , to enhance the brand image, enhance the confidence of businessmen on the Vespa . A Guangdong Jieyang customers Qiu double "return " to evaluate the Xiamen trip : warm and attentive business services , so that customers feel at home ; total order exceeds the original plan, others are a rewarding experience , he is a "super " contains and go !