[Introduction] Wishsport badminton equipment, equipment classification whole solution

  Wishsport Wang Yu Wang Yu ball series products cover all ball sports fields, from racket to ball games, from athletic footwear to sports clothing, sports bags and accessories and from class to class venues and equipment, etc., have become the most complete product line brands. Product categories are divided into nine categories: badminton racket, tennis racket category, squash rackets, sports shoes, sports clothing, sports, sports goggles category, cable machine type, site equipment and the like. The following will introduce WISH

  Flagship badminton series products, so that the majority of golfers systematic understanding WISH badminton equipment performance, and then choose their own badminton products, WISH the current flagship products badminton racket, badminton shoes, sports apparel , making lines all categories of products, in accordance with the performance characteristics of the category of scientific analysis, in order to showcase the rich golfers WISH sports equipment.


  Detailed classification is as follows:

  Badminton racket is mainly divided into three categories: Attack type, attack type, control type.

  Offense type in full play, stability and precise placement of features, such as Lung Yiu series, nano series, titanium series and sharp tone series;

  Offensive for powerful and has a strong offensive capability of golfers, such as King series, Masters Series and sharp action series;

  Controlled ability to counter-attack, the continuous shooting speed, and is characterized by excellent offensive capabilities, such as ultra-control series, ultra-light series and tough wind series, Elite series.


  Badminton shoes are divided into: stable, comprehensive, ultra-light

  Stable parcel badminton shoes have excellent shock effect of excellence, agile and other characteristics, such as: WSB-201, WSB-215, WSB-216

  Comprehensive type of badminton shoes can effectively protect the ankle, in the fierce campaign to provide efficient and high-elastic anti-skid function, for example: WSB-208, WSB-217, WSB-218

  Ultralight badminton shoes have light weight, excellent agility and stability characteristics, can provide continuous offensive force, for example: WSB-212


  Sportswear mainly divided into: printing stitching section, V neck and sleeveless models, leisure and cultural models, long-sleeved track suit

  Printing stitching T-shirt made of 100% polyester moisture management fabric, look pretty, fashionable, suitable buy.

  V neck sleeveless models and models so that movement is more comfortable, more agile action to meet individual needs.

  Both leisure and cultural models everyday casual and professional sports needs.

  Long-sleeved track suit with two kinds of woven and knitted fabrics, woven tracksuit suitable as match play suits, knitted sports wear for everyday leisure and professional sports needs.


  Racket line mainly consists of five categories: sharp tone WBS-500, high elasticity WBS-600, Possession WBS-700, high resistance to fight WBS-800, explosive WBS-900.

  Sharp tone WBS-500 provides high flexibility and strong batting sensation, but also give players the ability to maximize the smash.

  High elasticity WBS-600 offers the best sense of the rebound and hit the ball, but also has the crisp sound of shots.

  Ball WBS-700 provides excellent durability and high rebound, shoot line is suitable for this type of player control.

  High resistance to fight WBS-800 provides extremely excellent durability and ball feel.

  Explosive WBS-900 provides sharp and comfortable hitting feel, suitable for offensive power-type player.